Grid tool’s spacing is all wrong

I’m using a 7th gen iPad (iPadOS 15.6). I just downloaded Vectornator again to try and fix my problem so the Vectornator version is the latest (4.12.0).

The problem is with the grid. It’s not correct at all. It only works when the unit is set to points. But I need to use millimeters. When I insert a value, the grid is all wrong. For example if I set the grid to 10mm, the grid is actually (looking at the ruler) something like 1.24mm. In my project I need 4mm, 2mm and 1mm grids. When I set it to 4mm it’s just a little under 0,5mm.

I’m making vectors for some synth and other electronics front panels and I would really need them to be precise, so I can’t solve this by calculating and scaling the grid to as close as possible.

I also tried inches just to see if it works so I could convert it somehow and use it like that but apparently the problem is there too.

I finished one project like three weeks ago and the problem wasn’t there. Now I was about to start a new one, and luckily didn’t have any unfinished projects I was working on. That’s why I could delete the app and see if it’s fixed when I download it again but it’s still there.

Hi there @Kekkuli,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

I have logged a ticket with the team to investigate the matter and will be in touch with any updates :slight_smile:



Same here, I need to switch it to Inches but does not work.

Hi folks,

I am just reaching out to notify you that the recently reported grid-related issue has been resolved in the latest version of Vectornator, 4.12.1.

Please update to the new App Store version and let me know if this issue persists, or any others arise!