Can't seem to move text objects on my ipad

Not sure if this is a bug or misunderstanding of the UI. I can create a path object and then move it around the canvas in selection mode by using my pencil on the path. But if I try to move a text object it simply selects the text object and brings up the scaling/rotation handles. I can’t seem to find any part of the text that allows me to move it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi there @matthew.albright,

We’re very sorry for this issue you’ve encountered and we’d definitely like to resolve it as soon as possible!

Would you mind sharing a screen recording of the incident? This would allow us to fully understand all of the steps involved and tools impacted. Additionally, if you wouldn’t mind confirming your device model, OS and Vectornator version - these can be very important details contributing to the problem.

Feel free to post here in the thread or send the information to us directly via

Looking forward to hearing from you,