Can’t select small objects in the vicinity of bigger objects

Hi there. I am experiencing a bug where I cannot select small objects when they are near bigger objects. It will help to zoom or move the bigger object, but that will get very tedious in the long run. Does any one else experience this?

(iPad 6. Gen, iOS 15.1, Vectornator 4.4.2)

Hey @IBDJ,

May I ask you to provide us with a video of the issue so that I can try to reproduce it by following the same steps. You can upload it to and share the link with us. Or you can write us an email to mentioning a link to this Forum post and provide us with a video.
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Hi @Oksana there is a video here WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
However, I think I figured out what the ‘error’ is. I can’t select objects that are ‘underneath’ a bigger object, even though that the bigger object have no fill (and isn’t a closed object). If I move the bigger object to the background I am able to select the smaller objects now in front. Bit is doesn’t really make sense that I can’t select objects that I can see. :blush:

Thanks @IBDJ for providing us with a video. Now I see the issue. I have already created a ticket and forwarded all the information to our Quality Assurance team.
I will notify you as soon as I receive any news.
Stay in touch!

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Thank you so much @Oksana

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Hey @IBDJ,

Hope you’re doing well!

With our latest update you should find that this issue no longer occurs :tada:

Would you mind updating the app to 4.8.2 and letting us know if this is the case for you? While you’re there, feel free to check out our additional new features such as Offset Path, new Default Colour Palettes and improved Auto Trace functionality.

If you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to reach out!


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Hi @Helen Thank you for getting back to me. It does seem that the problem is solved :blush::+1:t4:

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