Sometimes entire group is moved, sometimes only the selected shape. It‘s not click thru mode

I have a fairly large file with multiple layers and many nested groups. I select shapes in the layer menu and then move that shape to fine tune. Most of the time only the selected shape is moved, but sometimes all shapes in the group are moved. What is annoying if they aren’t visible I don’t notice until too late.
All the while I have click thru mode off.

Hi there @gintonyx,

Would you mind sharing a screen recording of this incident if it occurs again? Also, it would be really helpful if you could confirm your device, OS and Vectornator version.


I’m glad you asked. I made a video showing
„wrong“ and „right“ behavior but couldn’t find a way to upload. See attachment.

I am running iPadOS 15.7 and Vectornator 4.10.1

Thank you for sharing!

I have reported this issue and will get back to you with any updates :slight_smile:

Hey there @gintonyx,

Can you please confirm if this issue still persists for you in the current App Store version of Vectornator?