How do I rotate a shape by x degrees with an offset centerpoint?

I’ve been trying to achieve something fairly simple but have not found any way to achieve it in Vectornator/Curve.

Let’s say I create one sunbeam and I want to replicate it by 10 degree intervals with the centre point in the centre of the Sun.

On iPad, while in rotation mode, I can tap the screen with a second finger and that will force 45 degree snap function, but there is really no way to specify a specific number of degrees.

How do I achieve something like this in Curve?

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I found a possible solution myself.

It’s not that hard but it would be easier if there was a built in function to perform operations like these.

  1. Draw a circle and use it to rotate the object

  2. Select both objects, group them, tap copy, tap paste. You now have a duplicate group sitting on top of the original. DO NOT use the orange handle to rotate the group you just copied because it is not very accurate. Instead, tap the rotation dial in the right panel, enter 10 manually and press the enter button.

  3. Press the Repeat + action multiple times

  4. Ungroup all and remove the circles

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Hi @LonderJan I’m sorry you’ve encountered the problem but a big kudos on the clever workaround!

We are indeed working on math operations in input fields and I can confirm it’s on our radar but likely later this year or so as it stands.