Problem with changing the angle of some corners on a square

I am following the beginner lessons : lesson 1•4, where we transform a square into a leaf by changing the angle of some corners.

I am following it step by step : square, corner selection and corner radius but in this last step, all corners change angle and not only the ones I selected.

I don’t understand where is the problem. Can you help me ?


Hey there @Andy and welcome to the Community Forum!

Don’t worry, you haven’t made any mistakes - it appears you’ve caught a bug :bug:
I’ve logged this issue and the team will look into resolving it as soon as possible.

Once I have any news I’ll be sure to update here in the thread.


Hello Andy, my name is Alexander, and I’m here to help you.

Can you please share the link to the tutorial you’re following?

Until now, you can try this:

  • Turn on grid view
  • Turn on snapping
  • Using Pen tool, create a square by attaching points to 3x3 grid size
  • Using Node tool, select a point and apply corner radius
  • Using Select tool, resize the rectangle to any size you needed

On macOS:

On iPadOS:

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi there @Andy,

I just wanted to quickly update you that this has been resolved and if you update to the latest version of Vectornator, you should find that it works as expected.

All the best,

select the square with the selection tool; then don’t use the quick menu that appears below the square, as that will change all the corners. Secet the second tool (node tool) --it is just under the selection tool. double click on the dot in the corner and handles will appear, then you can modify that corner.