Internal radius of Star tool not working

I’m using the Star tool and though I can change the number of points and drag to change the size of the star I cannot for the life of me change the internal radius (where the points come together in the center). The instructions say to hold a finger on screen (iPad) and drag OR to hold the Shift key (Mac) to change this but I’m not having any luck.

Vectornator v4.8

Note: It only happens interactively while you’re dragging out a star, not after (or at the beginning). It is not like the smart objects in some apps.

Don’t hold your [other] finger on the screen right at the beginning (that will only resize the view).
Drag out a star until the area in the middle of the star is correct then, without lifting your Pencil or finger, place a [second] finger on the screen, then continue dragging in or out to size the “arms” of the star.

Drag, hold while adding another finger, drag some more.

Still can’t get it to work (on Mac, not using iPad at moment). I select the Star tool. Then click and drag on canvas. Using the Shift key as modifier to (hopefully) change center radius does nothing. I’ve tried Shift before clicking on canvas and after starting the star. Even tried while shift-click on the star tool icon itself. Nothing! This is not intuitive!

In the inspector there is a Star section that allows me to manually change the “number of points” after the fact but no mention of the internal radius. Are we sure this is a thing in this app?!?

Sorry, only have my iPad Mini with me at the moment, I’ll have a look at the Mac version but it won’t be for another 6 or 7 hours. Possibly another user or the Vectornator support team can give you an answer before then.

Hi @meltemi,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce it on my end at the moment. The appropriate steps should be select Star tool → hold down Shift key → begin drawing star shape (dragging further out to alter the internal radius).

Alternatively you can select your regular star, select the node tool and edit the individual points, dragging them further inward or outward to generate different results.

Hope this helps,

Hmm. For me the Mac was much the same as the iPad.

Start dragging a star, then while still holding down the mouse button (or drawing stylus?) hold down shift to extend/contract the star’s “arms”.

In both case you can also, while still holding, release the (extra) finger or Shift key to continue resizing the entire star rather than the arms.