Fix Corner Radius in Vectornaror for Mac

I recently picked up Vectornator and have been working through some of the tutorials. One of the tutorials I found is about designing a logo using the offset path tool. Early in the video, we are instructed to create a square and then select the bottom two nodes using the node tool. The instructor then directs us to use the corner radius slider to adjust the radius of only the corners with nodes selected. However, in the macOS version, even when just two nodes are selected, all four corners end up getting adjusted.

Maybe this isn’t a bug and maybe it is just a difference with the macOS version. If it is a difference, then I would suggest bringing the two versions of the app more in line with each other!


Hello Heymeemo!

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Your detailed description of the issue with the corner radius slider in the macOS version is very helpful, and we’re glad to let you know that you have identified a real problem, not just a platform difference.

We’re aware of this problem and already fixing it. We can’t say exactly when it’ll be ready, but we’re on it. We’re also working on more improvements for the corner radius feature. These updates will be coming soon to Vectornator on both iOS and macOS.

Thanks again for pointing this out. It really helps us make Vectornator better. We hope to hear more from you.


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Thanks for such a quick reply!