Weird Selection Bug on M1 Mac

When hovering over an object with the selection tool, the usual blue outline that is meant to appear around it is offset to one side. The shape of the outline is the same as the object but the position is just different. The bug can be temporarily fixed by moving the object but that is extremely inconvenient to do every time, especially if I put a lot of time into positioning the object. I’m using an M1 MacBookPro (on macOS obviously).

I have a screen recording of the bug happening but it is a .mov file and I have spent half an hour trying to convert it to something Vectornator accepts on this forum but I give up.

I have a similar bug on iPad as well - the selections sometimes jump around, which can also be temporarily be fixed by moving the object.

Try uploading the screen recording to WeTransfer.

Hey, thanks for reporting this bug.
By any chance you’ve noticed any specific steps that can help us to reproduce this issue on our side?
@FixDaBugPls, we would be grateful if you send this video to Information your your OS version might also be helpful. Thanks :pray:

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