Flip object icon not on arrange tab on mac, but shows on ipad

the flip object icons do not show up on my mac under the arrange tab, but show up on my ipad.

what are the differences between the mac version and the ipad version?

(want to use my mac since it has dual screens and use my ipad/pen as a digitizing tablet)

Hi @mrjeff2u and welcome to forum. There are some GUI differences from iPad and mac versions. On mac version there isn’t the flip object icon. You can rotate the shape in two different ways.
I advice you to take a look at the learning hub.
Vectornator Learning Hub - IOS
Vectornator Learning Hub - Mac

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Hey @mrjeff2u,

The flip object buttons are located here:

Check this Learning Hub page for more info on the Mac Style Inspector: Mac Style Inspector | Vectornator Learn


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