My selector has not 4in1 mode

When I click either selector I get two options instead of four. Why is that?

Sorry can you upload a screenshot?

I have a feeling my installation is tainted. I just seem to be running into one problem after another. as you can see from the screen shots, now there are no options for either select tool. A bit weird on top of crashes and slow operation

Hi @joz,
I don’t understand what you mean by options.

@lorenzo They’re asking about the tool options:

@joz I don’t possess a Mac, so I can’t really troubleshoot.

The usual suspects:

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? (seriously, it works sometimes…)
  • Which mac do you have?
  • What version of macOS are you running?
  • Are you using the latest version of Vectornator?
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Thank you @llui85 to help my,
@joz if you refer that option I’m sorry but the Mac interface is different then iOS. I suggest you to take a look at Vectornator - Learning Hub (Mac Interface).

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The select tool options ( rotate, scale, duplicate ect ) do not appear.

Yes, that is by design: unless you have an object selected, there is nothing to rotate or scale, so those options are not available and do not appear.
Add something to the canvas and select it, then those other options will appear.

Note: the desktop (Mac) version has fewer options (only two each for both the Selection and Direct Selection/node tool) because there are standard keyboard alternatives: holding down Shift is a more-or-less-universal standard for making multiple selections, so there is no need for the Multi Select Mode option, while holding down Option obviates the need for a Duplicate Mode option.
On an iPad, a keyboard is usually not available, so those extra on-screen options are necessary.