No snapping options available

I can’t access any options for snapping. Tapping ‘Snap to’ does nothing when I’m in a file (tapping it will just close the menu, and it doesn’t scroll or anything):

And Snapping Options are greyed out completely from the settings on the main screen.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I’m on a deadline and rely heavily on the snapping tools (my app just auto-updated while I was at lunch …) I’m on an iPad Pro running iOS 15.5.

i think u need to install the latest ios first because i cant use some features before doing it, especially the lag, its really bad.

Create/open up a document first, then inside the document click the ellipsis (…) menu at the top to get into Settings.

Snapping settings seem to be per-document, so they do not appear to be available in the gallery/browse view version of Settings…

Thanks for chiming in everyone. @myphanwy let me know if this issue is resolved for you or if you need further assistance.