Draw only with pencil

Thanks for the snapping fix. Unfortunately, I can’t permanently select ‘draw only with pencil’. If I turn it on and exit preferences the next time I open them it’s turned off. It would be great if you could fix this too. Thanks.

Hi @psychrome,

thanks for flagging this. Our QA team is already working on it and I’ll let you know as soon as we have fixed this.

Best and have a good week.

Hey @psychrome,

may I add - have you changed anything in the document? Because your settings of the document (‘draw only with pencil’) are only saved permanently if you change something in the document afterward.
So, for example:

  1. Open document
  2. Change settings
  3. Hide/unhide any layer

And the document will be saved with your preferred settings.

I hope this helps.

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Good tip about it being a per-document setting, not an app-wide preference, and being saved with the document save.
That understanding means it now works more reliably for me.

Thanks @Vivien!

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