Turn off touch completely

I posted recently about a problem with ‘draw only with pencil’. Whist this problem technically got fixed it still doesn’t work as it did before;

If I pinch and zoom/rotate I am accidentally selecting stuff which makes using the app very difficult. Is there a way to turn off touch completely? Thanks.

Hi there @psychrome,

It is not currently possible to disable touches completely however we’ll definitely take your suggestion on board!

In the meantime, perhaps a solution could be to lock elements/layers while navigating the workspace to avoid accidentally interfering with them.


Prior to the recent updates, with ‘draw with pencil only’ activated, you were not able to select anything on the canvas with your fingers, whether unlocked or not. The update taking this away has really messed it up. I don’t lock layers until I’m finished with that layer and don’t want to have to lock layers just to prevent mishaps. It’s very inconvenient. Adding a ‘disable touch’ or reverting back to the not allowing touch would be greatly beneficial.

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I am experiencing the same issue that has been highlighted here. I think ‘draw only with pencil’ was working earlier. It is not working now. It is an important one to fix because one cannot be fully functional with this bug. It is natural for the fingers to touch the canvas while drawing. However, I am finding that doing so, creates unwanted objects on the canvas.

We’re waiting for 5 month to help in our problem. I can’t work with this bug in your program anymore. Is there any news, when you will solve it?