Snapping Tools Updates and Issues

In the latest update, choosing the snapping tools has become pretty cumbersome, in that the menu window closes every time I make a selection. Sometimes I want to snap to both ordinary guides and smart guides, and now I need to open the menu twice if I want select them both. It doesn’t help that ‘Snap to’ is now its own menu within another menu, meaning I need to click through both menus each time I want to change the snapping settings.

In previous versions, the menu window stayed open and allowed me to select or deselect multiple snapping options at a time, which was much more streamlined. Can you please change the menu so that it stays open even after I’ve selected or deselected a snapping option?

Another issue that popped up a couple of updates ago is that snap to points now only works between two different paths. I can’t snap to points along the same path. For example, sometimes I want the end node to snap to the beginning node of a path, so that I can close the path without using the ‘close path’ function (as that draws a line between the two points that I don’t want). Can you please make snap to points work again within the same path?