A little frustrating

Hello creators. I’m wondering if anyone else else is struggling with zooming out on the timeline? I can easily zoom in on the timeline but I cannot zoom out on the timeline. That’s a bit of a struggle for me as the animation is 30 seconds long but I can only see up to 12 seconds, so I’m unable to do any more editing I did find a workaround, which is a hassle, I have to drag the entire scene down to the 30 second time then the piece that’s left in the middle drag it up to the start mark but the same problem will stay as I cannot see beyond 12 seconds. I have the iPad in landscape mode so it’s turn horizontally so that should be a lot of real estate for the app but apparently not . Also, if I were to close move then open it back up, because the scene is 30 seconds long, I’m also not able to add a second scene as the scene thumbnail extends to 30 seconds. therefore blocking me from adding a second scene.

Hey @Procreaters, sorry about the zooming out issue – sounds frustrating. We’re on it and appreciate your patience. Thanks for letting us know!

Igor and Alexandre provided me a solution. It was quite simple lol. I couldn’t believe at no point did I ever think to use one finger to scroll :rofl:

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