Hide UI (Fullscreen)

Hey everyone!

This would be much needed for better UX!
Optionally including an auto UI hide when working on the file (e.g. using the pen tool) would be very useful as well!

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Hey Shu!

You’ve probably already seen it, but if you turn on Magic Canvas in the Canvas preferences, there’s a limited auto hide (well, a significant opacity fade, not a complete hide) as the Pencil tip moves over the toolbar or Inspector panels. Perhaps not as useful as a complete UI hide, but it’s something.

But I agree, a more complete Hide UI / Fullscreen feature would be nice.

Regards, Butler.

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Hey Butler!
Thanks for mentioning! I disabled everything in sight to try to get rid of some crashes (which were indeed related to canvas rotation being enabled), so I was wondering why the UI didn’t fade anymore. I enabled it again! But still, you can’t see the image properly, it’s more of a feature for when using tools a lot rather than when evaluating if certain changes look great or not; so useful in some cases, not so useful in other scenarios.
But thanks for mentioning! It’s something!

Good point!
Sorry, I was only thinking of it for while working with the tools, not for an evaluative preview.

In that case, no, currently there’s only exporting it to an external image, so your suggested fullscreen feature would be even more useful.
There is also the current AR (augmented reality) export option, which previews the work on a wall (not sure if that works on all/older iPads), but that’s more gimmicky rather than for a close self-evaluation.

Interesting! I’m not too much into AR myself, though, just trying to focus on what I am really working on rather than previewing it differently. Still, interesting!

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