Left Handed Interface Options

It’d be really nice to have the option to put my menu bars on the right side. It’s irritating how often I accidentally press things with my hand while drawing.

I completely agree, love the app but find it so annoying to use as a lefty I just had to abandon it for other alternatives. It’s just mind boggling that a simple feature such as moving the menu to the right, or hiding it all together isn’t available. Hope they’ll add something soon

Completely agree. The inability to float windows, or menus is a real drawback for us leftys.

Guys what are you dooooooiiiiing?
I can’t use the app as a lefty. How is this not implemented?! I don’t think I’ve ever felt ignored as a left handed hobbyist/artist. Kind of a lame feeling…

Not a lefty, but a good example how inclusion benefits all: your style interface might be on the wrong side for many others with two hands, too. I have a pencil in one hand and want to use the other for the interface.
This can’t be hard for you.

And while you’re at it: Please make the interface scalable. On the 12.9" iPad it’s good, but I would like to go back to a mini and I remember quitting your app because there was no space left on that tiny device when the panel was open.