Please add left-handed mode

It’s so hard to use left-handed! I spent a while looking in the settings, because surely software that’s been around for years has a lefty mode… nope. Please let me move the menu somewhere else so I stop accidentally hitting it. I beg of you!

See also:

Linearity have been “working on it” since 2018:

Yeah, I saw those other posts too, I was just hoping to give my feedback more weight/visibility instead of a “me too” on a different post. I’m a software engineer, I get that sometimes things aren’t as easy as they seem like they’d be, but this is basic accessibility.

Hi @kristina thank you so much for the feedback and @llui85 for keeping the receipts. :slight_smile: I am very sorry about this not getting picked up.

I have now pinged the team about this and we have it on our radar. I can confirm that we will try to resolve this in the upcoming year!