No scrolling for right side graphic settings

Good morning

Using Vectornator since a few days now on my Mac Mini M1 on macOS 12.3 and I like ti very much so far except:

The right side with the graphic settings doesn’t show all options so I need to scroll up/down with either mouse wheel or click in the drag bar…

But most of the time this has absolutely no effect or it jumps back to the top…very annoying this is…

thanks in advance

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Hi @davorin,

thanks for bringing this to our attention, I’ve created a ticket to get this issue fixed.


Hello Martin

Never got any faster feedback in the past than with Vectornator :slight_smile:

If you need any assistance in debugging just let me know…though I don’t see anything when launching from the console…


Thanks, We do our very best :slight_smile:
I think this might just be some UI hierarchy issue, let’s see what the devs come back with.

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