The shape offset from the anchors when I move the object

Hey @mattmatt_mm,

By any chance you’ve noticed any steps that might help us to reproduce this bug? Or maybe this happens when you’re working with one specific file.
We will be grateful for any information provided.



I don’t know exactly how the bug is triggered. But when I work (about 15-20 mins) on the same file continuously, it may happen 1-3 times. Especially with intense reshape and moving objects

@mattmatt_mm, are you using a 12.9-inch iPad Pro?

If so, it might be related to the Display Zoom offset issue seen in a few apps:
Go to your iPad’s Settings app, Display and Brightness, scroll down to View at the bottom, tap on it, choose Standard rather than Zoomed, and (important) tap on Set.
Some things on your iPad will now appear smaller, but you should have less app display issues.

Note: this setting is only available on 12.9 models (and some iPhones).

No I use an iPad Air 3

I have passed this information on to our QA team. We will do our best to get to the core of this issue and to fix it.

Stay tuned!

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I have the same problem on my mac.