Stroke control differs on iPad and macOS Ventura

My systems are an M2 iPad Pro 11" and a Mac Pro with a 6900XT and 64 GB RAM. I tried last night to work with a relatively simple single-color shape, replicated to create a background pattern, and was trying to apply a stroke to it. The results in each app were totally different.

On iPadOS, the only way to view the change of either adding or removing the stroke was to exit the document and return to it. Only then would it show the change. With the stroke enabled, visibility glitched or not, I could then modify parameters like its position: inside, center, etc.

On macOS (Ventura), toggling the stroke immediately results in a visible change, I can see the stroke being applied. However regardless of its presence, I cannot modify that same position parameter (it’s disabled).

Perhaps related to all this, at the time I was trying to use the line tool to setup some guides on diagonals for placing these shapes evenly across the space. I zoomed in to 100% (4K canvas, 4K monitor at 100% scaling), and to my surprise, all the edges are rendered blurry. I checked the “blur” setting on every shape and canvas in the project – it’s off everywhere. Baffled, I began investigating by panning around the scene. While I pan, the shapes are crisp. It’s only when I release are each suddenly rendered blurry. It makes doing anything with precision an absolute pain in the neck and I do not see a way to disable this …feature. Even on my desktop, where I’m swimming in RAM and high-performance GPU cores, I am relegated to this blurry rendering.