Request to fix the problem of "rounded corner radius"

Request to fix the problem of “rounded corner radius
• The rounded corner radius is not locked after the graphic is modified, and the rounded corners are distorted and cannot be automatically adjusted. As a result, the user needs to manually adjust the rounded corner radius.
- As shown in the figure.

Updated - 1/8/2022 - 1

Hi there @ZODFEVTYN,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I have reported this issue and will be in touch with any updates from the team.


This would be a really great one to get fixed! I am desperately looking for a replacement to inkscape for some illustrations of programming concepts, and I use a lot of rounded boxes that I want to maintain a constant radius on, but every time I resize a rounded box, I have to click on the radius and quickly tick the setting down and then back up again to restore it properly, which is annoying.

Hopefully this is a quick fix since the fix from the UI is super easy; it probably just needs to hup the object after resize with the current radius setting.

Still not fixed for iPad!

Hey there @KAMIKAZE,

The team are aware of this issue and working on a resolution. As soon as I have any news on the topic I will update here in the thread right away!