Nodes moving object

when I am using the app on both my iPad and my Mac.
in both when I would like to change a node to be rounded the whole object is moving up and right in like 10 cm. I need to undo many times to bring it back or get out of the app or click anywhere else outside the canvas. this happen so often.
at first I thought my hand is moving it but even if I use my Apple Pencil or even in the computer with a mouse the whole object is moving.
if you not sure what I mean I can uploaded a video

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Hey @LInDav, if you could upload a video demonstrating what happens, that would be incredibly helpful for our team to understand and address the problem more effectively.

Just upload it and send to or directly here. We want to sort this out for you quickly!

Appreciate your patience and thanks for flagging this.

see when I click the node the whole object moves. I do undo and click again and it moves again. as said this happen in both iPad and Mac so its not device related.

Hey @LInDav, could you please check if you’re running the latest version of the application (5.4.6) on both your iPad and Mac? Sometimes, updating to the most recent version can resolve unexpected behaviors like the one you’re describing. If the issue persists even after updating, could you please let me know?