Manually setting width/height of rectangle changes origin

Good morning

When I want to create a background with a rectangle to fill the whole area I use the rectangle tool and draw it.

Then in the inspector I set the x origin coordinate to 0, use tab key to enter 0 for y origin, then tabbing again for setting width and height to be the workspace size.

But as soon I change width/height the former 0,0 xy origin is changed, so i need to set them to 0 again manually.

Step 1, placing rectangle:

Step 2, setting xy origin to 0:

Step 3, setting width of rectangle to be full width which changes x origin:

Step 4, setting height to be full height, which changes now y origin:

The XY origin should stay when I change the width/height of the rectangle, and I suspect this happens to all objects.

Hi there @davorin,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

The team will take a look into this issue and as soon as I have news for you on the topic, I’ll update here in the thread.


Hey there @davorin,

Please check out the latest App Store version of Vectornator (4.13.5) where this issue has been resolved :tada:

If this problem arises again, or any others pop up - just let us know here on the Forum.


Hello Helen

Works perfect now :slight_smile:

big thanks