tool shortcut and crash newbie query

Hi all ,

sent crash report off there have lost work, and can’t recover…boohoo…starting new works, I now have no stroke width slider on inspector and cannot type text without it going to tool shortcut…ie I create text box start typing and when it comes to type “R” it activates the "rectangle"tool …Newbie disclaimer applies…go easy please…much love and thanks

Hi @Jonny,

Thanks for contacting us and providing a crash report via email.
To activate the Text editing mode you need to double click on it. We would appreciate if you can provide us with a video of these issues so that I can forward it to the QA department and ask for help. Please feel free to attach a video here, or you can upload it to and share the link with us.


Hi There,
I have the same issue on Mac. When I create a text field and double-click, then start to write the letter “R” the tool changes it to Rectangle. I changed the shortcut in the mac setting from “R” to “command-R”. Vectonator ignores this setup.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @LukasP and welcome to Vectornator Forum. We know this bug and the Vectornator Team are working to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey folks,

The team has been hard at work and are delighted to announce that this issue has been resolved in the latest app version 4.8.3 :tada:

I highly recommend that you download this new update and check out the various improvements that have been introduced.