Lines are not able to be thinner than 0.1

Hello. I’ve been using Linearity Curve since November of 2022 and I’ve always had the ability to make pen tool lines thinner than 0.1 by using the slider manually on the quick menu that pops up every time you tap on an object (I’m on iOS). I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I’ve not been able to make lines thinner than 0.1 since the last update. I use extremely thin lines quite often, as I design racetrack with many small markings on roads, and only being able to do 0.1 lines now makes it very difficult and annoying. Please fix this and revert it to how it was because at the moment I’m pretty displeased about an otherwise good program.

What I used to be able to do (above and below)

What I can only do now (below)


Hey Porg,

Is great to have you in our forum!

Thanks for bringing this up, and I’m sorry to hear that the recent update has impacted your workflow negatively. We did change the values range on the sliders in the last update. However, you can still input any value you want, albeit not through the quick actions.

To achieve the desired stroke width, head over to the Inspector and locate the Stroke section. When you tap on the slider there, a keypad should appear, allowing you to manually input any value you’d like. I understand that it’s a small change to your workflow, but I hope this different workflow is satisfactory for you!

Thanks for your feedback, and apologies for the inconvenience.



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Thanks for the response! Though the strategy you suggested unfortunately does not work either. I input a value lower than 0.10, but then it just sets it back to 0.10.

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Please respond when you can, I’m struggling to work with Curve when I can’t even use a feature that I had in the past.

Please respond to my follow up message, I beg…

Hello Porg,

thousand apologies for the delaying on getting back to you. Indeed you identified a problem which was unknown to us. I have forwarded your report to the team and hopefully soon we will be able to address and correct this issue.