Being able to apply gradients to Strokes using the pencil tool

I think being able to make gradients using the stroke feature would make it nice and easy to create nice looking lines instead of having to use the pen tool and filling the shape.

Hi @Vecto I am curious to understand what you mean. You mention both gradient and fill. Could you try to describe a specific example of what you suggest?

I am meaning that when you draw a line using the pencil or pen tool, I think that it would be nice so you can apply gradients to the stroke instead of being resticted to using the fill tool. @IBDJ

Hi @Vecto Thank you. Now I get it; also your first desciption where you meant to convert to outline and use the gradient for shapes. I was a bit slow :smiley:

Gradient for a stroke of a line would be amazing!

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We can suggest you a workaround. You can outline a stroke and then apply gradients:

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Thanks @Oksana, but in my opinion it would be better if the border had the default way to add gradient

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I agree with you @Lorenzo. It can really speed up work with strokes if you want to apply gradients.

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It’s a simple feature I don’t understand why there isn’t in the app :joy:. Please introduce this feature :pray:t2:

I am going to move this over to #ideas-feedback in a while, don’t forget about this!