If I’m going to have to pay for Linearity Curve now, the Fill tab needs to be drastically improved


First of all, when I have Sliders open last, it should remember that and ALWAYS open on Sliders when I re-select Fill, instead of always defaulting to Picker. Having to always press the Sliders button constantly when working with lots of colors is extremely tedious and annoying.

Second of all, when working with gradients, there’s no easy/fast way to use the color picker to add/edit colors for it. Currently, when editing gradients, when you select the color picker while in Gradient and pick a color, it switches back to Solid. Once you switch back to Gradient, the selected color using the color picker is then added, but it resets your gradients positioning. This shouldn’t take so many steps to execute.

Lastly when selecting colors from your color palette to add to a gradient, it switches back to Solid. You then have to switch back to Gradient to see the applied changes. It also again resets your gradients positioning. So basically this has the same issues as the previous issue.

I really hope all those issues with the Fill tab are addressed. Currently working with colors in Linerarity Curve is a very difficult and long process.

Omg the color panel and the shape builder tool :joy:. I hear you. But they are working hard at improve,
Mentos so I’m sure in less than no time it’ll be fixed. I thought it was because of my iPad why the gradient snaps to solid. Good to know someone else is miserable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: