Nudge with Arrow Keys

I have templates setup in the inch measurements. Previous versions, you could have an image, box text or whatever and when using the arrow keys, it would “nudge” it in very small increments. Since upgrading to Version 5.2.6 (20231129120502.63), that feature is broke. If you have inches setup on a document, your objects will move only one inch at a time. If it is setup in millimeters, it will move one millimeter at a time , etc… It only did it after the newest upgrade. I am saying that feature is broken. Not sure if I will be continuing on Curve. May have to go back to InkScape if that feature does not come back.

Hey @corkyrb , thank you for sharing your experience! I get how crucial this feature is for your workflow, and I’m sorry if it’s been a hassle.

I hope I’ve addressed your concerns in the request that was sent to

Just a heads-up for others: the nudge function adheres to the unit settings specified in the document. Each key press should move the object by the set base unit, whether it’s in millimeters, points, centimeters, etc. So, switching up the document units might be a workaround for some of you.

It appears that while units like points, pixels, and millimeters are functioning as intended, there might be an inconvenience specifically related to using the nudge function in documents measured in inches.

Rest assured, I’ve looped in the development team with your feedback. Your input’s super valuable in enhancing the Linearity Curve experience for all users.

If you have any additional insights or further questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your understanding!