Curve tool and smart shape options

Does anyone know why my curvature tool wouldn’t be working? I’m thinking I’ve accidentally changed a setting somewhere because when I put my figure down when using shapes, the shape doesn’t change either. I know that is two issues but maybe they’re connected? Thanks.

Hi there @PaulaB and welcome to the Community Forum!

Would you mind forwarding a screen recording of what is occurring from your end? This way I can fully understand what tools and steps are involved in this issue and resolve the matter quicker. It would also be extremely helpful if you could confirm your Vectornator and OS version :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Try confirming the instrument mode. The tool has two different modes “Draw” and “Edit”. In Draw mode, new curves can be created, and in Edit mode, existing ones can be modified. Switch between “D” and “E” key combination modes.