Can’t use Merge Shapes onto Pen-created lines


I can’t get my head around this issue.
As per title, I create shapes, also use the Pen tool to create lines, then use the Merge Shapes tool to cut or merge the combined shapes, but when I click on this tool, the blue lines (paths?) of those lines created with the Pen are not there, so I can’t interact with them.
Here’s a video of the issue:

Hey there @MeAndYou,

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention - I’ve checked this out and have been able to reproduce the issue. After deselecting/reselecting the paths once or twice, the Shape Builder will eventually recognise all paths (as long as they’re closed).

Of course, that’s not ideal but it does also seem to be slightly more consistent when paths are initially converted to Outlines before using Shape Builder.

I’ve logged a ticket on the matter and will let you know as soon as it has been addressed!


So I should be able, for instance, to just draw a few intersecting straight lines and use the merge shapes tool, right?
Anyway, thanks for the temporary workaround, will try it out right away.

Alright, so I fiddled with it a bit, and you’re right when you say that eventually i’m able to select the path of the pen as well.
I made two observations:

  • Can select only one pen path at a time, no matter how many times i deselect/reselect;
  • Even when the pen line’s path intersects a shape still can’t use the merge tool, as it simply behaves like the drawn shapes and lines where on two different universes, deleting either one or the other - as shown in the following screenvideo