Shape Builder Tool. Help.

good afternoon, using the shape building tool, I noticed a feature that if the line tool was used in the drawing, it is not active when you create a new shape. Am I doing it wrong or is it not provided by the program? )

Could it be that your first two examples have open paths? Keep in mind the Shape Builder tool is just a shortcut to Merge and Subtract boolean operations. If you cannot manually achieve the desired end-result with a Subtract then I would not expect the Erase Shape Builder operation to work either.

In the first case, I first crossed the lines between themselves, then I also thought that it most likely does not work because there is an open path, so I deliberately circled the lines to close everything. But alas, everything connected with the line tool becomes inactive

Yeah, after playing around with this it appears as though it does not work with lines. With open paths it will simply close the paths after the operation, but lines don’t appear to work at all.

Hi there @Oleksii,

Indeed open paths, including those created with the Line Tool are not supported by Shape Builder. However, it is possible to select these lines → convert to outlines via the Path section - this should resolve the issue.


could you show me an example, unfortunately I couldn’t do it (((

thank you!!!