Se cuelga a cada rato - It hangs "break or crash" all the time.

Desde que habéis introducido la “nube” sin opciones, no puedo trabajar con “file” de cierta envergadura.
Gracias de todo modo por el buen programa o “app.” que nos ofrecéis.
Since you have introduced the “cloud” without options, I can’t work with file of a certain magnitude.
Thank you anyway for the good app. or program you offer us.

Hey @ArtEnEspera , sincere apologies for this frustrating issue! I’d like to help you with this. Could you provide further details about the specific challenges you’re encountering with larger files? If there’s a particular file you’re experiencing issues with, sharing it with us for testing purposes would be greatly appreciated. You can also reach out to me directly at

Also, if you can replicate the problem, a screen recording would be immensely helpful for us to better understand and address the issue.

Your assistance would be invaluable in resolving this matter.