Can't do anything -- couldn’t be saved in the folder “files”.

The last time I used Curve was a couple of weeks ago. Today I open it and I can’t do anything. Every time I try to create a file I get an error:

The file “A3BE5A03-0C4C-4958-8C9C-394C3783F806” couldn’t be saved in the folder “files”.

The file name change, but the message remains. I also can’t import files and get “oops digital import failed” I’ve reinstalled and rebooted. Any ideas?

Hi @Infinisteve I’m very sorry to hear that. It could be because we have introduced Linearity Cloud in the meantime and that you’d have to sign into / sign up and then migrate your files to continue working.

You can find all the details on migration here. Let me know if this helps!

wouldn’t it be fair to mention in this context that everyone has to carefully check in advance if their files should/may be uploaded to the cloud at all?

because it is not just a registration to the service, then the upload of the files to the cloud follows, since local files are no longer supported (statement @medet, in this forum)

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Now when I launch Curve and try to sign in I get “oops, something went wrong unexpectedly. please try again later.”

Although I’m not a fan of being forced to use Linearity Cloud, so maybe things worked out for the best.

one week later, some success?

Nope. I still get the same “oops” error. I just tried it a minute ago. I tried deleting and reinstalling and that didn’t help.

Hi @Infinisteve , I’m here to assist. It’d be great to understand precisely when the error pops up. Could you provide more details about the step where the error occurs? Is it right after providing your credentials and hitting Log In?

Sending us some diagnostic files also would be immensely helpful in resolving this. Here’s some helpful information on where to find the export of these files.

Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated!

Although I enjoyed Curve and found it very capable, I can’t use it due to privacy concerns. So I deleted the application and have to invest in something else.