Exporting in svg adds outlines

I have made a vector logo and when I’m exporting in svg specifically i see some strange outlines, this doesn’t happen when exporting to pdf or png. How can i make sure i export to svg what i am seeing. (In edit mode I don’t see those outlines, however i see them if i select all objects and select outline)

The svg it’s for the web?

No, its for print a sticker

Hi there @Sanctus and welcome to the Community Forum!

May I ask if you’ve used any blend modes in your file? As we do not support SVG blend modes, this could cause issues such as what you’re experiencing.

If this isn’t the case, let me know and we’ll look further into it!


Im a newbie with vectoring and with vectornator. I love this app because its very intuitive. But I’m not understanding what do you mean with blend mode… i created a file, started this logo, based on circles and rectangles, i mixed some and divided/subtracted some joints and thats it… as far as I understand. When i export to pdf or png its all fine, but exporting to svg we get those circles messed up. Also, if i create another circle, just create it and turn on the “outline” option on the circle i immediately see that circle with some deformation.

I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the app so far!

I’d be happy to check out this issue further - would you mind forwarding your file to our support email for testing purposes? Just send it to support@vectornator.io and I’ll look into it!

Sure. I’ll send to your name

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Hi Helen!
Yesterday i sent the vectornator project for that email. Can you confirm you received it? Sorry to ask so fast, i have a luthier waiting for me to send the svg…

Hi there @Sanctus, yes I can confirm that we’ve received your email and appreciate your patience while we look into it. I will get back to you as soon as possible!