Exporting to SVG Adds Glitchy Streaks to the Vectors

This is what I am working on:

but when I export it as an SVG, it looks like this:

When I open it on Inkscape, the streaks remain, but they are not present when I save the file as a PNG or JPEG.

I’ve been using Curve even when it was still Vectornator, yet this is the first time I’m encountering this issue. Someone please help.

Could you share your VN file (or at least part of it with some letter)? as this pretty extreme…

Thank you for responding.

Someone had replied to my email to support 4 days ago, so I sent the SVG file just as they’d also requested, but until now I haven’t heard back from that person. :\

Hey @zebrakkel! I just checked your ticket. I can see the response from our team to your inquiry, but am unable to find the email with the SVG file you sent. Could you reply to the email thread once more please and send over that file? Thanks again!


I resent the file to the same email (support+id3879@linearity.zendesk.com) just now. :slight_smile:

Hi @zebrakkel we have been able to pinpoint the issue and it is with the team now.

It appears that exports operate on absolute thresholds and we will be improving this. In the meantime, as an interim solution, we’d recommend scaling up the visual so that it won’t happen.

Hope this helps and thank you for your patience!