SVG vectors from Vectornator do not Import into 3D programs


I am a CG animator and use vectors to create motion graphics. I rely on vector-based programs to generate SVG files to import into 3D programs.

I created a logo in Vectornator with both fills and strokes. The process is to import that SVG into a program like Blender and to extrude the vectors. I am finding that Vectornator does not generate the strokes (only the fills) BUT…instead of generating strokes, it imports another fill underneath the other.

Are there any fixes or work arounds for this???

What kind of Stroke do you have on your objects?

In standard case where you have fill & regular-stroke it should come out as a single <path> element in SVG. If you have something fancy like brush-stroke, then it can not represented in any other way than being converted into a separate <path> element. It also will separate fill and stroke if object acts as a mask in order to get visually correct result.

Generally I really tried to optimize SVG export to it exports minimal amount of SVG elements.

Sorry for the late response. It was a regular outside stroke around a graphic object. When exporting as a .svg in other vector-based programs, it works find. Just seeing if perhaps I was doing something wrong.

Can you attach a sample Vectornator file, exported SVG and if you could point out the issue in your SVG file that would be great.

As I checked it one again, a simple shape with fill and regular (center-position) stroke comes out as one SVG element, something like this:

<path d="M552.514 973.204L1268.01 973.204L1268.01 1646.7L552.514 1646.7L552.514 973.204Z" fill="#70e7bf" fill-rule="nonzero" opacity="1" stroke="#ff0000" stroke-linecap="butt" stroke-linejoin="miter" stroke-width="30"/>

You can see that there is fill and stroke on the same element.

Maybe I misunderstand your issue.