circles won't be exported as circles in an SVG

Hey there,

I started using Vectornator to create a Logo. it looks pretty amazing, until I want to export it as an SVG file. Then the circles start to deform themselves and I don’t know how to prevent this. I fond out, that If I open the “path” tab and click on “outlines” the same thing happens. But I still don’t understand why.

Maybe you can help me with that. Thanks and have a nice day!

This is how it should look like:

And this is how it looks as SVG:

Hey there @tabbipatsch and welcome to the Community Forum!

I suspect the issue may be coming from the brush strokes used. I’d recommend that you try to select all the shapes in the impacted group and change the stroke type from Brush to Regular.

This should resolve the issue when exported to SVG but please let me know if this doesn’t solve things and we’ll happily investigate further to save your lovely logo!


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Thank you so much! It worked!

I never worked with vectors before, but thanks to vectornator I’m kind of addicted right now. Really enjoying the different art of creating in comparison to pixel based painting.
Keep up the great work! <3