dotted lines won't be exported correctly in an SVG

Hello, it’s me again, with a new export problem.

I created a Logo, with Stardust, using dotted outlines:

but exporting it as an SVG it looks like this:

even though this look definately has something interesting on it, it’s not what I wanted :D.

Any tips?

Hi @tabbipatsch

I would suggest a work around, to outline the dotted outline, so as to make them individual shapes.

But when I tried testing it out myself, I uncovered a bug, that when outlining it, most of the dots disappeared. :exploding_head:

Hi there @tabbipatsch,

Would you mind forwarding this file to us for testing? Feel free to post here in the thread or to send it directly to me via private message.

Kind regards,

yeah, the problem here, is that it would contain so many individual shapes, that it takes too much space and capacaty, to work with the file. Therefore I was pretty happy, that I could use the lineart to get the wanted effect.

Oh I see. To work around that issue, I’d say to outline each line (with the color properties that it has) and then unite them, using the Boolean operations. so it would be considered as a single shape.

Hi folks,

I’d like to share with you that we have recently resolved this issue in Vectornator! Please check out the latest App Store version (4.13.2) and be sure to let us know if this problem or any other should arise :slight_smile:


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It works! Thank you very much!