exporting to SVG converting to outlines

when I convert my image to an SVG, I keep getting outlines on my text and my lines (circles) and a dashed line detail just becomes an outline. I´ve tried exporting the image all as one and breaking up the details into different files, but I still have the same issue. I´ve turned outlines off and back on and still have the same issue. Any help is greatly appreciated. I´m including screenshots of the issue I´m having.

Hey @kittykeri83, sorry to hear about this issue you’ve encountered!

The problem likely lies within the brush strokes used. I’d recommend that you try to select all the shapes in the impacted group and change the stroke type from Brush to Regular.

This should resolve the issue when exported to SVG but please let me know if this doesn’t solve things and we’ll happily investigate further!


thank you for the suggestion. The shapes were already on regular and not brush. Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This is a workaround rather than a solution, but:

If you select those dashed lines and convert them to shapes using the Outline feature (also available on iPad), at least they should export OK into SVG as visual dashes.

Drawback: You can no longer edit them as a stroke / curve (they’ll be a set of tiny sausage shapes instead).

Likewise for your circles and your text (also available on iPad).

Alas, not the only app where I’ve had to do this to preserve curve features within SVG export.

I’m not sure if it’s a limit in the export process, or limited SVG support in the next step (e.g. SVG display in a web browser)