Unexpected Image after Export in PNG format (on App looks perfect)

Hi!, I’m very new using this app and got really excited using it in iPad but I found an important bug

I’m trying to export a basic lettering design in PNG, transparent background

This is a preview using the App (what we expect)

After export, unexpected lines here and there

Outline mode is clean

I tried different ways to avoid it, like outline, separated, group, etc
I got a mess even if I erase more and more nodes or paths
Hope to solve this!, this app is amazingly intuitive


Hi there @Treinor,

We’re very sorry to hear about this issue that you have encountered and would like to look into it as soon as possible.

Could you please forward the .vectornator file shown in this post? Feel free to DM it to me or send it to support@vectornator.io so that we can take a deeper look.


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