Bug when import image (Background)

Hi, my name is David.

When import an image without background in the app, after update, the image is imported with a background white. As I show in the figure.

I wanna know if this a bug, or if there is a way to remove the background of the image.


Hi David, (a) what image format are you using, (b) have you saved it to your iPad storage as a file, and (c) what app are you viewing the image in on the right-hand side of the split screen?

If I drag a PNG thumbnail icon (not a full-size preview in any app) from the Files app on the right onto a Vectornator canvas on the left, it retains the background transparency.

Incidentally, copying and pasting from a Procreate layer also retains transparency.

Vectornator 4.8.0, iPadOS 15.4.1