Transparent background

Not sure how I can change upon export the white background to a transparent PNG ?

Hi there @Rob,

May I ask if, during the export process, Transparency was switched on?


Hello Helen,
Rob here, yes I do export as an PNG with transparency active.

The issue I have found is.
If I export to app photo in IOS using an iPad and then rotate the figure to an upright position. IOS adds a white background is my findings.

I originally started the figure Mr Greedy on my iPhone on a bus.
So it been moved around from iPhone to iPad to laptop now. (airdropped)

I also tried share with another program in this case procreate which works fine.
Only when I share open from photo app does the white background appear.

I let you know if any thing plays up. For now Vectornator running fine.
Regards Rob

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