Background remover export as PNG?

Vectanator’s background remover works very well, and I have already used it several times to prepare photos for social media. Can background remover be adjust to remove the background and just leave it transparent? I’m using an ipad . When I export from Vectanatorto ipad photos or files it exports as a white background. It would help my work flow if files processed in the background remover would be exported with a transparent background, for example as a PNG file.

Hi ishioka, I just checked, and it is indeed working as you described.

Maybe you can record a video or share some screenshots showing exactly how you do it?

Basically you need to import image, tap “Remove Background” and then Export to > PNG.

Hi Alexander,
I missed a step or accidentally hit jpeg instead of png. I just tried it again a moment ago , selected PNG as the export mode, and it removed the background perfectly, leaving me with a completely transparent background.

Thanks very much for your help. As I said before, the Vectornator background remover works quite well, and unlike some background removers I’ve tried, it recognizes white as a background color when necessary and removes it.

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