Option to make new document with background color.

Hi, I’m just getting started with vectornator on an iPad and noticed that when you make a new document you get a nonvisible color. Can you please make that you can choose the background.

Hey @Open, glad to know you start using Vectornator,

Vectornator has an option to set your background to white instead of transparent. Go to Preferences (cog icon, on the right corner of the document) > Canvas > White Background.

Or you can create a shape with the background color you preferred, and send it behind all of your components.

Hope this helps you.

Hi there @Open!

It is possible to switch off the transparent canvas background in exchange for a plain white alternative. You can do this by following these steps:

:computer: On macOS: open your file → View → White Background
:iphone: On iOS: open your file → Preferences → Canvas → White Background

As a workaround to set your desired background colour: simply create a large, coloured rectangle using the Shape Tool, position it so that it covers the canvas, lock this layer, create a new layer and begin working from Layer 2 onward.

Hope this helps!

Edit: seems like @OneMann beat me to it! You’re spot on with your advice :+1:

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Hi, I tried doing what you told me but I can’t switch the toggle switch for white background. Some other setting is preventing me from switching the background to white.

Hi @Open,

I believe this is because you are accessing Settings from the main app menu. Please open your desired file (or create a new one) and tap on the Settings icon from within open document.

Hope this helps!

Thank You,
That really helped. I’m really impressed by the quick answers.