Transparency, How to Get It

Hi there.
Yes, I’m very green to Vectornator. I would just like to know how I can fill an object with transparency, or, create a page with a transparent background.


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Hi there @PeterBB and welcome to Vectornator!

You can toggle on the transparent background for your document by going to Settings → Preferences → Canvas → White Background → Off.

If saving as PNG, you will also be given the ability to toggle on Transparency during the export process.

Hope this helps,

Thank you!

@Helen I can’t find this in the Mac version.

Actually, yes, I can’t find it on my Mac either.

I found it in View → White background

Ah. Yes. By turning off “white background,” it becomes transparent. Cool. Thanks!

I might be dumb here but i cant find the “white background” in view, is there any other way to remove background on mac? Did they change it?