Imported PNG keeps disappearing

When I opened my file all my previously imported PNG disappeared. I’m using iPad.

Hi there @Lheyanne,

So sorry to hear about this issue and I’d be happy to help. Would you mind providing some further information to help get to the bottom of things?

  • To clarify the incident, you created a document within Vectornator → imported multiple PNGs within the document → exited the session → reopened the document via Vectornator → all imported PNGs were no longer in the document?
  • Has this issue occurred within other files or just this one? If the latter, please forward the file for testing purposes.
  • Please confirm your OS and Vectornator version.
  • If this issue is possible to reproduce, kindly provide a screen recording demonstrating how you are adding a PNG to a file, closing the session and reopening the file. This would be extremely helpful to the team in order to get a full picture of what is happening.

Looking forward to hearing from you,