Large exported png & jpg files not viewable in Files app

Not sure if this is a bug or not,

iPad Air 4, iPadOS 15.3 Beta

Exporting 36 x 24” png or jpg @ 300 dpi the image crashes in the Files app but is viewable in photos.

This only happened since update today 4.5.2. or maybe I haven’t saved such to files before as I’m moving all exported images to the files app…

So is this a Vectornator issue or Apple?

Great app, just escaped from CS6

Hey @AWT
We believe this issue on the Apple’s side. You can contact their support team and report this issue.
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If you haven’t already, try hard-resetting your iPad (see steps below). Sometimes iPadOS gets in a weird state where nothing opens correctly and apps randomly crash.

Have solved this or I think I have, after testing many files in the Files app, found it’s a limitation of quick view in the app, max resolution it can display is 55mp anything over that quick view runs back to mama, flashes a white screen a few times and then displays a white screen with the file title, this does not happen in the Photos app.

Many of my image files are 70Mpix+ exporting as jpg or png from Vectornator.

Hi @AWT,
the max resolution of images you can export is 32000px on iOS.

Well! On iPadOS 15 I’m exporting 70m pix regularly from Vectornator works on on photos app but can’t open from the files app

Sorry I see you are referring to pix x pix I mean total pix ie file pix size.

I’m exporting large format very complex vector as jpg & png at 300dpi which can be 70m+ pix which can’t be viewed in the Files app

If the max resolution is 32.000px x 32.000px means that the final file can be 1.024Mpx. 1.024Mpx is more than 70Mpx. Are you agree with me? Anyway if you can’t open this large files is a problem of Apple’s Files app.

I can open a file of this resolution in Files app on my iPhone X iOS 15.2.1. I attached you the screenshot.
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