Resolution output of png does not match with selection (iOS)

Hi there,

I have encountered a very strange bug. I searched through the forum a bit but could not find this topic.
When trying to export as a png in the resolution 1000x1000, 2000x2000 or 4000x4000 the output resolution I get is 1001x1000, 2001x2000 and 4001x4000 respectively.

For some reason this only happens at specific values. When choosing for example 1001x1001 or 1100x1100 I get the correct resolution as output.

This might only be a small bug, but a bit annoying, because I would like to overlay several pictures with the identical resolution.

This issue was only encountered in the last versions. In a version from half a year ago I did not have this issue. Hope there can be a fix for it soon :slight_smile:

edit: using latest iOS version

Hey there @Threeman,

I’m happy to let you know that this issue has been resolved with the latest App Store version of Vectornator. Please check it out and let us know if the problem persists!


Hi @Helen ,

thanks for solving this! Very cool :slight_smile:

I have another issue right now. I could open another topic, but i’ll just drop it here. The file I’m working on is quite big right now with many layers and lots and lots of forms. Sometimes when I press the “Copy” icon the app completely crashes - no matter how big or complex the form or group is. I use an iPad pro with the M1 chip and 16GB RAM, so I think I’m not out of memory.

Have you heard about this issue before?